5 fashion details to Parisian winter chic

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Lately, it’s been extremely cold here in Toronto and it’s hard to look good with high winds and temperatures that calls for extreme weather alerts all over the city. But that kind warning don’t really have an affect on me because I’m known to dress however I want regardless of the kind of storm I’ve got going outside. What’s my excuse? I drive everywhere so I’m in and out of my car all the time. Ha-ha!

I’ve been wearing plenty of hats recently to stay warm and berets is one accessory that no matter what I wear, somehow I look like I belong in Paris (everyone says). So in my imagination and two experiences in Paris, France, I’ve gathered these style tips from people watching in the patio sipping on my wine glass. Here are 5 fashion details to Parisian winter chic:

1. Texture play

It’s the little hard-to-miss details that will elevate your outfit. Textural fabrics like wool with a faux fur elbow sleeve goes a long way. I am a huge fan of little details that look interesting. I’ve yet to find a pretty faux fur sweater that won’t overwhelm my petite body shape, hence I found this fun sweater instead.


Canadian blogger


2. Long skirts

When I imagine Paris, I think of long skirts. I rarely find women there in short skirts… maybe it’s the lack of sunshine so their legs haven’t been exposed much to fetch a golden tan. Mini skirts just look better with a tan rather than with pasty white legs.

3. Black bootie

Black booties with high heels or low heels, it’s a winter staple that is worn with everything that a Parisian has in her closet.

4. Oversized

Comfortable but chic is key. Coats, sweaters, pants, or whatever it may be, oversized layers is nothing new and it will stick around for many more years because it’s wearable, modern and cool.


Canadian blogger

Canadian blogger


5. The beret

Need I say more? The beret is a given to complete a Parisian winter chic look. A wool hat works too! The wool fabric keeps your head warm and it instantly transforms every outfit to whatever chic you want it to be.

I’ve been stocking up all kinds of wool hats for this winter. I never wore hats in the past, unthankfully to my very outspoken mother. She always convinced me that I never looked good in hats because of my face or head shape. However, my face have gotten a lot smaller over the years and I have lost a lot of baby fat. Yay, I can wear hats like I’ve always wanted! Ha-ha!


Canadian blogger

Leith sweater /

Wilfred skirt (similar to here) /

Browns booties /

Babaton beret


Get the look here:


Photography by Brian Ngo
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