For many years, I’ve always changed into a big tee and little shorts once I make it past my house door. I love to slip into something really comfortable and tie my hair up into a ponytail once I get home. Why is it that I don’t like the feeling of my hair in my face when I am at home but when I step outside, it’s always styled down in waves or curls? I like to have my hair away from my face at home. Do you ladies feel the same way?
Recently, I am slowly moving out into my own space and I’ve been thinking of getting a whole new wardrobe for the home. New sleep shirts, new shorts, new slippers… and sexy new sleepwear – slips, kimono robes, etc. Is it necessary? No, but it will make me feel a lot better about moving out and enjoying the comfort of being alone wearing cute things to bed.
“Always wear pretty pyjamas to bed. You’ll never know who you’ll meet in your dreams.” I agree!

Sleep in this:

Photos by Brian Ngo
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