H&M Conscious Exclusive dress (here) | Louis Vuitton bag | Kristin Perry ear cuff (here)
Club Monaco bracelet | Vintage hat & head piece
Happy Easter everyone, I hope y’all are enjoying the beautiful long weekend and feasting with all of your loved ones. I’ve been MIA lately thanks to my procrastination so it’s time to catch up with all of my posts and get back on the grind. I can’t wait to share with y’all the wonderful pieces I invested in, especially this off-white floral lace, A-line dress from H&M Conscious Exclusive collection. It features a vintage back closure of shank buttons and see-through lace sleeves. Major right? The silhouette is accented with the high collar neckline for just the right amount of allure and purely feminine. I’ve styled it with three different accessories that could totally work with this dress. Let me know which one of the accessories rocks more. Also, what do you think about my living photo? Cool right?
Thank you for reading and have a wonderful weekend babes!
Stay Fabulous

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Photos by Brian Ngo, T. Pham

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  • Beautiful images!!!!
    Love the dress & styling as a whole 🙂

  • Your living photos is wicked!! Love the effects. I may have to try it too :)). That dress is a beautiful investment. Styled to perfection. Major love!


  • the gif pic scared me a bit.. but nice outfit =)

  • Thank you beautiful! I agree, the dress is uber elegant. I was so thrilled to find it in my size too! -xoxo

  • Right! I totally love it ever since Tyra Banks launched her app on her latest ANTM season. It's so much more simpler than the traditional Photoshop. Thank you for reading my post love, hugs & kisses babe <3

  • Lovely outfit!


  • That dress is beautiful!


  • Thank you Frederikke <3

  • It is right! I absolutely adore it.

  • That dress looks amazing on you! I tried it on the other day, and it just didn't suit me (I was so disappointed that it didn't).


  • You are looking absolutely beautiful!!