From my previous post, “The Gothic Lolita Doll”, this look takes it to another level.  For this look, Ammanda-Beth Milburn unpinned a ton of bobby pins out of my hair and teased my entire head. In addition to a few minor touch-ups to my make-up. Cathy filled in a dark rouge to my lips and smudged a load of black eyeshadow to top and bottom of the eyes as well as around the nose. Voila! You have an emo gothic doll. I must say, I look 10 years young here. 
Hope this look inspires you with your Halloween look this year. Thank you for reading and happy halloween!
Stay Fabulous!

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  • If I was a girl you would be my biggest inspiration

  • Wow thank you, I can say the same to you as well Milex! Your looks are quite incredible and inspirational. Keep in touch, xo~